Over 77% of the US population carries a mobile device. As of August 2015, over 191 million people in the US owned a smartphone. According to recent trends, more people will be accessing the internet via a mobile device than a wired device in the near future. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets with the increasing need for people to get their info 24/7/365 provides your business with an audience in need of immediate access to information, directions, and reviews. iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices now account for roughly 25% of all website traffic. Mobile ad spending more than doubled in 2012, and double digit increases in ad spending are projected in the coming years. Mobile-friendly sites are a necessity for every business owner. Mobile marketing has arrived and is here to stay.

Mobile Advertising – Benefits

  • Mobile devices are always in use – Your customers or prospects are always in possession of their mobile devices, which provides the opportunity to target them anytime/anywhere on their tablets & smartphones.
  • Multiple advertising opportunities – Share your message via: paid search ads, Facebook ads, organic search, SMS, display ads, click to call ads, local search, and more.
  • Mobile traffic trends – with the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, mobile internet usage is poised to overtake desktop usage.
  • Beat the crowd – Consumer usage of smartphones is widespread, but there still is a portion of your competition that doesn’t fully understand how to leverage mobile marketing. This offers a window of opportunity to take advantage of the mobile marketing channel.

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